#HarbinComp18 Journal 08: Gala Concert

Jan. 30, 2018, 10:05 a.m.

journal 8

The #HarbinComp18 ended with success and received an ovation from the audience. Contestants have all done a great job with their excellent performance from the very beginning of the competition. 

Today’s #HarbinComp18 Journal dives into the heart of the closing ceremony to capture the exclusive moments of the gala concert. During the ceremony, the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra and Chinese conductor Yongyan Hu kicked off the concert, joined by four winners performing their prize-winning pieces: the championship winner pianist Lin Zi Pan and violinist Nancy Zhou; the second place winner soprano Svetlana Moskalenko; third place winner bass Alexander Roslavets. 

As Hervé Boissière, founder and managing director of medici.tv said, "look this concert hall, this Grand Theatre. It’s just amazing! It’s one of the nicest, the best opera we’ve ever seen!”, China has become an important country for musicophiles. With the first edition of the music competition and their impressive concert halls and theaters, it is hard not to be convinced that more and more musicophiles will ravel to this historical country, China, to enjoy the magic of music and culture. 

Thank you all for following us since the beginning! If you miss our live webcast during the competition, it’s alright. You can find the replays of each contestant’s performance on our website. Now, enjoy their beautiful interpretations and have a great moment with music!