Inside IMCH #16: Awards Ceremony

Jan. 26, 2018, 9:53 a.m.

Awards ceremony

Awards ceremony

Over the last 15 days, music lovers from all nations and particularly from Heilongjiang and Harbin, have had the pleasure of enjoying a brand new music competition, the International Harbin Music Competition, jointly organized by Harbin Municipal Government and Harbin Conservatory of Music. 

Divided into three divisions: piano, violin, and voice, the first session has attracted more than 350 contestants from 31 countries and regions. After several intense competitions of each division, the prizewinners were finally awarded tonight during the closing ceremony.

Congratulations to all prizewinners!

Violin division

1st Prize: Nancy Zhou (24, USA)

2nd Prize: Kyumin Park (21, South Korea)

3rd Prize: Leonid Zheleznyi (23, Russia)

4th Prize: Fang Lei Liu (26, China)

Piano division

1st Prize: Lin Zi Pan (23, China)

2nd Prize: Alexander Panfilov (28, Russia)

3rd Prize: Rafael Skorka (29, Israel)

4th Prize: Florian Mitrea (28, United Kingdom)

Voice division

2nd Prize: Svetlana Moskalenko (31, Russia)

3rd Prize: Alexander Roslavets (31, Belarus)

4th Prize: Da Shuai Chen (27, China)

Now, enjoy the replay of the closing ceremony!